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Over here at the Forklift Training Hub we aim to be the best website online to give advice on anyone interested in doing their forklift training. We also want to help and give advice to the more advanced forklift operator. So we have searched the web for websites that we think you should know about and have put together a forklift training resources page. No doubt some of these sites you probably do but there might be the odd one or two that you haven’t.

If you agree or disagree with any of the websites or if we have missed one out please let us know in the comment section below.

Here they are in no particular order…

*we will add to this page when we come across other sites we like


Fork Lift Truck Association
These guys are first on our list. If you are keen to become a forklift operator or if you already are, you must know about this website. They offer so much useful information and you can contact them for any advice.
They have some really easy to read documents and info graphics as well as all the latest news, stolen trucks, health and safety and even a shop. A must know website.


Toyota Forklift Blog
Next is the Toyota forklift blog. They give us news and opinions straight from Toyota Material Handling UK and seeing that we are a UK based website, we feel they offer great advice and information.
The blog is kept up to date frequently too which we always like. Plus it is always nice to hear from the actual people behind the company.


Mitsubishi Forklift Briefing
Next up is a great little website we discovered not so long back. It might be little in terms of look and feel, but it has some great information for anyone who ever uses a forklift. The site is written by a bloke called Franze Link who is actually a product manager at Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks.
On the site you can subscribe to their email list and you’ll always be updated with any briefing.
One of the best things we like about this website is the graphics. These alone make the website worth visiting.


Industrial Training Services
This website may not look the nicest in terms of design, but it has tons of useful information that we can all use.


Safe Workers
We all want to stay safe when at work and this is ever so important for us forklift drivers after all we have all heard those horrible forklift accident stories! With that in mind check out his website, they really do supply the visitor with superb information. Have a look at their menu and you’ll see what great advice they offer.


Forklift Driver
When we first discovered this website we read every article on there. Another smallish website but again with some great advice, The only downside to this site is that it doesn’t seem to get updated regularly.


This website is the go to for health and safety in the UK. If you have never of heard about them then we do not know what to say ! They are the national independent watchdog for work related health, safety and illness. Just head over to their website and type in ‘forklift’ to be shown some important information that will keep you reading for hours!


When you do your forklift training the centre will be RTITB certified. RTITB are the largest lift truck training accrediting body in the UK and Ireland. Their website can be very useful, and especially if you would like to become a trainer yourself.


Warehouse & Logistics News
Another website with tons of information. When you first go to the site the first thing you’ll notice is that it looks full of good articles…and it is. Obviously not all forklift related but they do have their very own forklift category –
Maybe not the best place for anyone who is starting out, but if you want to be kept up to date with the going ons with forklift companies then make sure to check them out.


Forklift Training Zone
One of the last one on our list is from a website that is based in the US. Yes we know America is on the other side of the world to us, but Mark (the guy behind the website) gives some UK related advice. Also who knows, maybe one day you might find yourself working in the US and this site might come in handy !


Hitec Lift Trucks
We managed somehow to miss this website first time round but thanks to Jeff who pointed these guys out in his comment below we can now add Hitec Lift Trucks to the list. They are more based around hiring and selling fork lift trucks but you will notice they do have a blog with some good articles that we recommend you read.

Compliance and Safety

Compliance and Safety
We had an email come through after this article first went live, to inform us that we did not have any forklift training power points. We got advised to include this power point page from Please check it out and even though they are based in the US they still have some good information to share.

Eat Sleep Forklift

Eat Sleep Forklift
Another website added to our list and yet again another US entry. Even though yes they are not from the UK we still think they can add relevant important information and content for us UK guys. Also they offer something a bit different from the rest of the websites, with funny pictures and interesting videos!

Well there you have it. Are you a webmaster of a forklift/forklift training related website and feel that your website needs to be on our list? Or do you know of any websites we have missed?
Let us know in the comments below.

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