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Forklift Training FAQ

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Forklift driving requirements

Before you even think about doing your forklift training there are a few rules that you should check up on to make sure you are eligible to work with forklift trucks.

On this page we have covered the most important questions that we get asked.

Is there a minimum age to drive a forklift?

Yes. According to HSE you will not be able to be trained as a forklift driver unless you are over the minimum school leaving age. It does say though you can be 18 years old and operate if working in ports.

Medical standrds to operate a forklift truck

Because of the fact that you can be moving heavy materials around when you are operating a forklift and it can dangerous if you are not able to get in and out of a forklift easily, it is recommended that all fork lift truck operators have an appropriate level of medical fitness.
Please read our medical standards to operate a forklift page for more info.

How long will my forklift licence last?

Remember on the forklift licence page that we said there is no such thing as a forklift licence, just a forklift certificate. The certification is there to show your employers you have been trained to the correct standard. The employer will decide how long your certification is valid for and should make sure all drivers are correctly monitored. Read our forklift licence page to find out more info.

I have a forklift licence from another country

As mentioned on the forklift licence page and above, there is no such thing as a forklift licence in the UK. But other countries do have forklift licences. If this is the case for you, it is still recommended that you do your training as some employers will not accept your licence. Also because some countries have different forklift working environments, you need to be confident when behind the wheel.

Is there a legal requirements to do forklift refresher courses?

There is no legal requirements to actually do refresher courses. Some employers though do like to send their drivers on refresher courses every few years but this varies form employer to employer.
Read our forklift refresher training page.

Is there any forklift truck training recognised accrediting bodies?

Yes. It is VITAL that the company you do your training with is a recognised training organisation.
All training centres that we use have been accredited by one of these training bodies and all their accreditation is current.

But for any reason you do not go through us, make sure that the company you do chose is accredited with one of the following training bodies:

Association of Industrial Truck Trainers (AITT)

Construction Industry Training Board

Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register (ITSSAR)

Lantra Awards

National Plant Operators Registration Scheme Ltd (NPORS)


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