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  1. Forklift Licence Renewal

    UK Forklift Licence Renewal

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    What you might not know is never before has there been such a demand for people to renew their forklift licence in the UK as more positions becomes available in various industries operating in forklift
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  2. FLTA

    Top Forklift Training Resources


    Over here at the Forklift Training Hub we aim to be the best website online to give advice on anyone interested in doing their forklift training. We also want to help and give advice to
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  3. Counterbalance Forklift Training Thumbnail

    Counterbalance Forklift Training Guide

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    Intro to what a counterbalance forklift is Forklifts are used to help ease facilitation of many different types of activities within businesses, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and other types of work environments. There are many different
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