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Forklift Driver Medical Requirements


Not all the time, but the majority of the time a forklift operator’s job will involve transporting and moving heavy materials from one place to another. And because of this, a long with the fact a forklift truck weighs so much, when an accident does occur they can have devastating results.

So because of this, it is so important that the forklift driver is fit enough to be safe to be in control of a forklift truck at all times.

To be able to use and operate a forklift truck, a driver must meet a certain level of medical fitness. It is very important before you do your training, you understand what this medical level is and that you are able to perform test to show you have the appropriate fitness to drive a forklift.
Before any training is taken place potential forklift drivers should be screened for their fitness before they are employed. They should also have other tests when they are at a certain age too.

It is highly recommended that forklift drivers who around the age of 40 and upwards should have the medical tests around every 5 years, till they reach the age of 65.
Any forklift operators over the age of 65 should be tested yearly.
If you are involved in any sort of accident it is also recommended that you have a fitness test. The same too if you are sick and absent from work for over one month.

To cover what we have just gone over:

  • Must have the appropriate level of medical fitness
  • If over 40 should be tested around every 5 years
  • If over 60 should be tested around every year
  • Should be testes after any sort of accident
  • Should be tested if off work for over a month due to illness


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