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  1. Forklift Health and Safety

    Forklift Health and Safety

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    When you take your forklift truck training you will be taught all the important forklift health and safety that is complosury to know if you plan on being a forklift operator. On this page we
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  2. Forklift Refresher Training

    Forklift Training Refresher Course

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    As mentioned on our forklift licence and forklift training FAQ pages there is no actual legal requirements for forklift operators to take refresher training courses. However, in certain circumstances, it is advisable to do a
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  3. FAQ

    Forklift Training FAQ

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    Forklift driving requirements Before you even think about doing your forklift training there are a few rules that you should check up on to make sure you are eligible to work with forklift trucks. On
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  4. forklift licence thumbnail

    Forklift Licence


    In the UK, not everybody knows, there is actually no such thing as a forklift licence. Instead, what you get is a forklift truck certification. You can obtain a forklift truck certificate by training at
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  5. forklift training prices

    Forklift Training Cost

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    If you are serious about doing your forklift training you need to know that there are many different types of forklift truck licences, and for each type, you will need a separate qualification. There are
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