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Main Types of Jobs that need forklift drivers

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There are many different types of jobs in the UK and abroad that require forklift drivers. On our forklift licence page, at the end we talk about the different types of licences and how each forklift licence is different in regards to what type of forklift you can drive.

The main purpose for most forklift operators is to load and unload goods and if you can complete physical tasks correctly and fast, with the ability to assess weights then becoming a forklift operator could be the perfect job for you.

A forklift drivers job is fairly different to the normal 9-5 office job and can be a rewarding and enjoyable job.

On this page we talk about the main types of jobs in the world that need forklift operators and what the job can involve.

The main roles and duties for a forklift driver may include the some or all of the following:

  • loading and unloading goods from lorries, aircrafts, containers
  • transporting materials or goods that have been packed on a pallet or crates
  • stacking materials or goods in the correct and safety manner in the specific space
  • making sure all loads are safe before operating the forklift
  • transporting unloaded pallets

Warehouse Forklift

Warehouse forklift jobs

Probably one of the first jobs people think of when they think about what kind of job requires a fork lift driver. One of the reasons being is that up and down the country there are warehouses which are full of stock or materials that need transporting from one location to another. In fact in the UK alone there are 5,600 storage and warehousing workplaces.

There are numerous examples we could think of here, so here are a few.

Example 1. A builders merchant. Forklifts are the only possible option for lifting heavy materials on to the back of lorries and trucks. Also when stock deliveries come in you need a forklift driver to unload the goods and stack them away.

Example 2. Large supermarkets. When goods come in they normally arrive on pallets on a back of a lorry. Forklifts are ideal to transport them from off the lorry to the allocated location.

Contractor Forkliftcontractor_forklift

Working on construction building sites

On large construction sites forklift driver play an important part on a day to day running of the site. Quite often the case will be that heavy materials will need transporting from one place to another.
Working on a construction site is a bit different than in a warehouse as each day will more than likely be different from the last. You play more of a varied role as you will not be driving the forklift all the time as there will be times when you will be on your feet and maybe operating other machinery

Private Contractor

Some companies or construction sites only need a forklift now and then so it would make sense to only hire a forklift when needed. The money can be very rewarding for private contractors but jobs do not last as long as other types of forklift jobs.

There are other jobs that involve forklift operators but the above three mention are the most well known. You could also work for an actual forklift company who sell and rent forklifts along with accessories.
Government jobs also require forklift drivers mainly in the military but additional training may be required.

Do you agree? Can you think of other jobs in the world that forklift driver pay a vital role to? If so, please comment about it in the comments below.

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