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Forklift Training Refresher Course

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As mentioned on our forklift licence and forklift training FAQ pages there is no actual legal requirements for forklift operators to take refresher training courses. However, in certain circumstances, it is advisable to do a refresher course.
It is all common sense really but on this page we have listed some of the reasons why you or your employer should think about involving you in taking a forklift refresher training course.

Even experienced drivers will need to be re-assessed from time to time to ensure that they continue to operate the forklift in the correct and safe manner. It is up to the employer to asses when this might be.
The training should be designed to strengthen any weaknesses highlighted to the operator to make sure they are confident and safe in all working environments.

Here are some examples why you should consider a forklift training refresher course:

  • You are a occasional driver
  • You haven’t driven a forklift truck in a while
  • You have got into some bad forklift operating habits
  • You have had a recent accident or near miss
  • Your working environment has changed and you are not used to it
  • You have lost your confidence

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